5 Simple Steps To Recover Your Facebook Disabled Account


Facebook popularity is in no way hidden from anyone. It is one of the highly used and most popular social media platforms that serve around 200 billion active users per month.

Facebook runs under some guidelines that need to be followed and if anybody violates that line, Facebook disables their account.

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The following reasons have led to the account being disabled on Facebook:

  1. If you have been into spamming someone’s post, comment or messages then you will be under the eye of Facebook as spamming is against Facebook guidelines. 
  2. If lately you have commented on someone's abusive terms or texted someone offensive or abusive, then also your Facebook account or risk of disable.
  3. Facebook has put a limit of sending friend requests with a maximum limit of 5000, if you have crossed this limit your action will be considered suspicious and your FB account will be disabled.  

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

  1. Pick any suitable browser like Google and paste this link https://www.facebook.com/help/contact. 
  2. Go to "My Facebook Account Has Been Disabled" and click the link. 
  3. There you will find an option of Submit the Appeal, click on it.
    Full name
    Date of birth
    Facebook username
    Facebook password
    Phone number 
  4. In the given box, Fill the personal credentials like 
  5. You can also submit some of your identification proof such as an Aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, etc. 
  6. Click on the send button and wait till facebook send you a confirmation code after verifying your details.

These steps can resolve the issue of recovering a Facebook disabled account


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