iPhone Text Messages Not Sending? Here's How to Fix It


iPhone is the most popular cellular device due to its bundle of features and also allows high security while downloading any third-party app, generally, it blocks any third-party installation. 

When such a renowned mobile phone lacks in sending text messages to the users, it puts a question mark on its credibility. But luckily there is a checklist using which an individual can easily recover from the problem titled “iPhone messages are not sending”. Find this checklist in the forthcoming passage.

iPhone not Sending Text

If the message is not working on iPhone and as a result, you are facing a tough situation, do not worry as the steps to recover from this issue have been provided below in the next passage. 

There can be several reasons, these all have been mentioned below.

  1. The Network is not Working

    ry resetting the network whether it is cellular or internet. If the issue was related to the network, it would have been resolved easily by following this step.

  2. Airplane Mode

    n order to restart the functioning of the messaging app, you may follow enabling and later disabling the Airplane mode. It is quite easy and does not require any prerequisite experience.

  3. Confirm the details

    hile entering the recipient number and email, attention should be given as it might be that you are entering the wrong credential due to which message is not being sent to the desired recipient.

  4. Restart the App

    f the messaging app is not working properly or lags, you should try restarting the app. To do this, open up the recently working app and remove the messaging app out of them and tap on the same, to relaunch it.

  5. Check iMessage Status

    ive a check to the iMessage system status whether it is working fine or not, if the latter is the case, you should wait till the server is streamlined again as this time the problem is due to the server. So, you can not do anything more except wait.

  6. Unsupported Message type

    t might be possible that you are sending some unsupported media and to overcome this recheck the media format you are sending.

  7. Check Date and Time settings

    ometimes, it is the wrong date and time settings causing the problem. So, you may check the same and make corrections if required.

If your Messages get failed while sending via iPhone, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to tackle the same.


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