How to Find, Open, and Unhide Apps on iPhone?

There are many people who often are unable to find applications on their iOS devices even after they know that they have downloaded the application. So, if you are also unable to look for some applications on your mobile phone then, you can use the different methods that we are telling you here to know how to unhide apps on iPhone

You can use all the methods that we are giving here to look for the apps that you are unable to find.

 Methods to Use When you Want to Unhide apps on iPhone

If you are looking for methods that will tell you how to find hidden apps on iPhone then, you can easily use the different methods that we are discussing here. 

Use Spotlight Search

The fastest method that you can use to look for hidden applications on your device is to use Spotlight search. Follow the instructions given here to know how you can use spotlight search. 

  • Open the Home Screen of your device and then open the Spotlight search option. 

  • There, you need to type the name of the application that you are looking for.

  • You will be able to see the app on the screen and you just need to press the icon to open it. 

Use the App Library

You can also use the App Library to look for all applications that you want to find as all the installed applications on the device are present in the App Library. You will be able to open the App Library very easily by going to the last page of your home screen after that you can find any app that you want. 

These are the methods that you can use to know how to see hidden apps on iPhone. You can also use the website Worldzo to look for other methods that will allow you to look for hidden applications.