Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs and More Rumors


There are certain rumours circulating in the market that claim that there is a new Tesla phone that will soon be launched by the company. Now, I know that the idea of a Tesla phone is very good as all the items and products that the company has created have been wonderful and that is why to imagine a mobile phone from Tesla will be quite awesome. 

However, these rumours do not have any basis and that is why we are going to tell you all the information that we have about this new Tesla Phone. 

When will the New Tesla Smartphone be released?

The new model rumoured to be the tesla pi phone has no substantial proof of being a reality. All the rumours about the mobile phone started when a YouTuber commented that there is a new design for a Smartphone by Tesla and this video came to the public eye in 2021. And that is why there is no accurate answer to the question of when is tesla phone coming out. There is no actual proof or statement by Tesla that have claimed that they are going to launch a new mobile phone. 

What will be the estimated price of the Tesla Phone?

Even if there is no accuracy about the mobile phone, there is no harm in wondering about the tesla phone price as there are many people who want an idea about the price range of the device. We all know that all the devices of Tesla have advanced technology used in them and that is why you can assume that the device will cost a few thousand dollars because it will be made with different unique methods and techniques. 

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