How To Use Spoiler Tags To Hide Messages And Images On Discord?

Are you the kind of person who loves to voice chat, video chat, and chat free online? Then you must visit discord without fail. If you are planning to visit this app, this can be used just by signing up and you can get connected with your friends or people who have the same mindset as you.


Anyhow the message you send might not be suitable for everyone yet you can use spoiler tags to hide messages initially. You can use this spoiler tag on your windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Below are a few methods for you to add your spoiler on discord:


Method 1: Using Dual-pipes Markdown to Hide Message

Step 1: First we must add two vertical bars by just pressing shift + backslash.

Step 2: Enter the message that you are about to send inside these vertical bars. (This will help to hide the message inside that vertical bar).


Method 2: Discord Spoiler using Slash

Step 1: Add a slash and then a spoiler, after that enter the message you want to send. It will look like this ‘/spoiler your message’ 

Step 2: It is one of the easiest and simplest methods.


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