iPhone Not Charging? 6 Reasons Why and How to Fix It

When your  iPhone not charging even though it's plugged into a wall outlet, it's a hassle. What if you know that your iPhone isn't to blame for your phone's erratic behaviour? Don't be alarmed; despite how frightening this situation appears, there is a solution.

Having trouble figuring out where the problem lies? We may have the answer! We'll help you figure out why your iPhone won't charge in this article. To the point where you begin to doubt everything you see and hear around you, these explanations may be so simple and obvious.


Bad cable connections usually cause charging issues. Sometimes you lose connection and don't notice until hours later when your phone won't charge.

iPhone Won't Charge: 6 Reasons

Your iPhone won’t charge? Don't worry. Possibly faulty cables or power plugs. These cases are straightforward. However, there are other causes. Some examples:

Broken cable

iPhone cables are fragile. Bending a charging cable often reduces its durability. You never know when an exposed iPhone lightning cable will break.

Dirty or damaged charging port

Your iPhone's battery port may be dirty, preventing it from charging. Since your phone's charging port is a hole in the middle, it's dusty. It collects dirt, lint, and other small debris.

Problems with your outlet

After checking your iPhone charger and port, check the outlet. If your charger and port work, it's likely the outlet.

Malfunctioning iPhone software

Sometimes the phone, not the charger, outlet, or port, is the issue. Your iPhone won't charge because of faulty software.

Apple-certified chargers aren't available

Not charging an iPhone? Possibly not Apple-certified. You can't charge your phone with these cables. Apple-certified cables aren't Apple-only.

Here Are Some Easy Fixes 


iPhone not charging when plugged in ? Try these simple hacks !


Assuming you've determined why your iPhone won't charge, you must prevent future problems.

System update

When an iOS update rolls out, we always recommend updating your iPhone.

Switch iPhone chargers

Try a different Apple-certified charger if you suspect a faulty charger or lightning cable.

iPhone Repair

Apple stores can fix water-damaged or malfunctioning phones. You can fix broken iPhone features there.