Comprehensive Guide For Roadrunner Email Settings

Whether you want a personal email account or a professional account, Roadrunner serves you with both. A Roadrunner email account can be acquired by following some simple steps. If you have already done it and looking for ways to set up your account, here this article will help you. Continue reading this article for Roadrunner Email settings

Link your RR email with your phone

  1. Launch the Roadrunner mail app for RR Email Login

  2. Go to “My Account”

  3. Select “Add Account” > “Email” > “ Set-up Accounts” 

  4. Enter your RR email address and the password.

  5. Avoid “Automatically  Configure Account” and tap on the “Next” option.

  6. Can you see “Success” pop-up on your screen? Your account setup is complete! 

Tips for RR Email Account Set up

  1. Be connected with a strong internet connection for Roadrunner Email login and Account Set up.

  2. Use an updated version of the app

  3. If you find issues with rr email login because of incorrect login credentials, visit the RR email login web page and click on the Forgotten password option to reset your password

  4. Restart your device and clear unnecessary storage.