Fixes for Headphone Not Working in Windows 10


It could be a hectic as well as a messy task to set up sound system in the Windows and it even though after setting it there is a possibility that the sound system is not working properly as we have registered many complaints of users that headphone not showing up windows 10

In this blog all your problems will be fixed as you will get all the answers to your question and you will be able to solve it if you follow what is given below in the article. 

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Solve problem of headphone not working 

  1. Enabling headphone 

You must ensure that the headphone have been enabled in the windows and not only enabled by have also been set as a default device for better functioning. And if this is not the case then you must check it and check the settings. 

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  1. Updating or reinstalling the sound driver 

It could be possible that your sound driver is the reason you are facing problem of headphone not working windows 10. So you can first uninstall and then reinstall the sound driver or you can also opt to update the sound driver if it is not updated to its latest version. 

If your sound driver is not working then you can also replace the sound driver by another one which could be a working one. 

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  1. Changing the format of your headphones 

You can try to change the format of your headphones from default format to another one and you can do this by going to the properties option for which you have to look for it. 

And then in the advanced tab you can change the format of your headphone and can also test it by clicking on the test option to see if you are hearing audio or not. 

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