Why Won’t Facebook Let me Log in?

Millions of Facebook users login to Facebook daily. But sometimes users face Facebook account sign in issues. There can be a lot of different reasons for this issue. In this article we will look into the reasons and the solutions of this problem. You can try the ways or tricks given below to resolve this issue of Facebook log in. 

Reasons that you Cannot Login into Facebook and their Solutions.

Incorrect Email :- If you are entering an incorrect email then it is quite obvious that you can’t login to your account. And, if you have forgotten your email id then you should try the “Recover Your Account” page. 

Browser Issues:- Temporary issues with browsers might be a reason you are unable to login Facebook account. You can try to log in to your account using another browser. 

Typing errors:- It might happen that while entering your password you have committed some typing errors like Caps lock, entering wrong characters or numbers. So, make sure that you enter your password correctly. 

Problem of Cache or Cookies:- Cache and cookies can be another reason you are facing Facebook login issues. You should clear the cache and cookie data of your browser. After clearing this you may find it easier to login into your Facebook account again. 

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