Why does My iPhone Keep Dimming? Here’s the Truth!


In this guide, we are going to discuss a very common issue with iPhone users that they face when they use their iPhones. If you see that the brightness on iphone keep dimming then, you can read this guide to know more about the issue and some methods that you can apply to fix the issue. 

What is the Reason Behind your iPhone Keeps Dimming?

Now, even though many people might not know this but this problem usually arises when you have the auto-brightness of your mobile phone on. The auto-brightness of your iPhone is a feature that changes the brightness of your mobile phone automatically according to the light conditions of the surroundings around you. 

With too much sun and brightness, this feature will automatically turn the brightness of your mobile phone to as bright as possible so that you can see the screen in bright daylight and in the same way it will turn the mobile screen dark when you use your mobile phone at night. This is the main reason why your iPhone screen brightness keeps dimming.  

Steps to turn off the Auto-brightness

You can use the steps that we are going to tell you here to turn off the auto-brightness feature on your mobile phone so that you can fix the issue of iphone brightness keeps changing. 

  1. The first thing you have to do is to open the Settings and move to the ‘Accessibility’ option.

  2. Then, you have to choose Display & text size tab that will open more options. 

  3. You will see the option of Auto-brightness. Turn the toggle off that will switch off the option and this means that you can now adjust the brightness of your mobile phone manually. 

Hope that the information that we have shared with you is clear to you. 


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