Everything you Need to Know About the Viral VSCO Girl Vibe


Have you noticed a group of teens which keep on occurring on your Tik tok and another thing which the users need to notice that they all are wearing the exact same thing which is VSCO girl outfits. Well, they are the VSCO girl gang whose aesthetic is defined actually by their interests in the same products and brands and not only this but their favourite phrases and also mannerisms. 

VSCO girl is actually someone whose aesthetic is inspired by the VSCO photo editing app which lets you create and also apply filters to your photos so that you can shine on your Instagram account. 

VSCO aesthetic pictures are actually just a beachy cool and laid back vibe look which is usually identified as an effortless Californian group. And if you see Instagram you will see that it is full of hash tags of VSCO. 

If you are wondering what VSCO girls are into then let us tell you that they are into brands and get all their clothes from chill brands like Brandy Melville and also Urban outfits, and they also wear shoes from the Crocs and also Vans and how can we miss the love beachy accessories like cowries heel necklaces, VSCO girl backpack and scrunchies. 

You can get the starter pack of a VSCO girl if you want to be one of them. So, let us have a list for the same. 

  • Swimming scrucnhies along with hair ties 

  • Chunky sandals of Arizona 

  • Standard mouth water bottle 

  • Kassi cowrie shell choker 

  • Over dyed T-shirt  dress from Japan 

After reading this blog we expect that you were able to the idea about VSCO and what all does it does and what trends and styles these girls have and it was also useful for you.