Why YouTube Comments Is Not Showing on My Android Device?

If you have Android devices, then you probably use YouTube as your video viewing companion, and if so, it is frustrating to see YouTube Comments not loading on your Android device. This problem is not just about YouTube itself, but a problem that affects a large number of apps and extensions on Google Play. The issue is one of compatibility - if YouTube Comments is not loading properly, then your viewing will be quite limited. In order to show YouTube Comments on your Android device, the following steps must be taken:

Firstly, you need to ensure that the YouTube application is updated to the latest version. If this update does not automatically apply, then you need to use the Google Play app - simply go to the Google Play app, tap 'Updates' and you will see a link for 'downloads'. Once you have done this, you should check for any updates to YouTube in the Google Play Store. If the update does not already include YouTube Comments, then you need to check for updates to any other apps or Chrome plugins.

The second step is to install the Ad Blocking application. To do this, you need to open the Google Chrome browser and click on the settings option. Select 'Network settings' and then click on the following menu icon: 'Google'. Once you have done this, you will see two options: 'Ad blocking' and 'Content network'.

If you are using the Ad Blocking feature of YouTube, then you need to load up the YouTube channel. Open the channel and then click 'load content network', you will see a pop-up box. Click 'OK'. The next step is to load up your computer again and then open the settings of your android device.

In the settings, you will see that you should click on 'Add URL', the field where you enter the YouTube channel URL. For YouTube videos, the URL of the video will be replaced by the keyword. You also need to select 'All files' in the drop-down list. After that, click 'OK'. After doing so, you will see all the files shown on YouTube in the folder that was created for YouTube comments.

These files will be opened and shown as they are in YouTube. Now, you can now delete them or quarantine them if you want to. Open the YouTube channel again and then search for YouTube Comments, this time, you will see the option to load them. Click on it and then click on 'Remove'. You can now proceed to load the YouTube comments again.