How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat for iOS and Android: Step by Step Guide


Dark mode is very much trending nowadays and after dark mode on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram people were looking forward for dark mode on Snapchat. And Snapchat never disappoint its users and it has also bought the dark mode for snapchat. In this blog we will let you know the steps which the users need to follow if they want to turn on the dark mode on your device for snapchat. 

Steps to Turn on Dark Mode on your Device for Snapchat – 

  • First of all the users need to open Snapchat on your device and then once the app is launched they need to move ahead to the next step. 
  • In this step the users need to press on the bitmoji which you will find at the left pane of the screen so that you can go to the profile page for Snapchat dark mode
  • When you have landed on the profile page you will have to press on the settings option which the users will have to navigate on the top right corner of the screen. 
  • In this step the users will have to press on my account option and then from there the users need to hit on app appearance so that you can view the option to change the theme of snapchat according to you. 
  • Under app appearance the users are supposed to hit in always dark mode to enable the dark mode on the device. 
  • Once you enable the dark mode you will see that entire Snapchat mode has been turned dark and users now know how to turn on dark mode on snapchat and following these steps users can anytime turn it on when they want to. 

We also hope that these steps were able to assist the users in turning on the dark mode and use it as you want to.