What Is WMI Provider Service Windows 7?

WMI Provider Service, also known as WMI Provider Host, is a part of Microsoft's Web-Based Enterprise Management (WEM) system. It's used to monitor network performance and reliability, and is the host for WMI. You can find out if this process is causing your computer to slow down by looking at the CPU usage. To find out, download 'Restoro' software, which can scan your system for corrupted files and fix them.

This process is a part of the Windows operating system. If you disable it, you'll be breaking lots of things on your PC. You'll need to restart the PC, which will probably cause some software problems or CPU overuse. To make sure you're running the right way, use 'Stop', and select "Uninstall" from the "Programs & Features" menu.

Alternatively, you can disable Windows services. To do this, press the Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC keys at the same time, and click on the 'Services' tab. The list will show all services with the same Process ID as yours. If you find any, you can uninstall them and restart the computer to see if the problem has disappeared.

WMI Provider services are installed on enterprise computers, and they open up various commands to let IT analysts gather information from remote computers. These programs also help them edit the environment variables and monitor the processes running. To make the most of your Windows, stop WMI Provider Host if you're experiencing trouble. You can make the system run faster by reinstalling Windows.

You can also use 'event'. This command will open the event log. Its name is wmiprvse exe windows 7. Its purpose is to display information about a process. To find a process, press the "Event Log" button on your taskbar. Then, type the name of the process you want to search for. The "Event Log" command will open the task manager window, and you'll see the PIID number of the process.

Another possible cause of this process is the corruption of a system file. WMIPerfClass.exe can be a Windows system process that needs to be repaired to prevent the system from crashing. You can disable this process in the system by choosing'safe mode'. If you don't have an antivirus program, you can try using the Windows Task Manager. There, you can see where the files are stored.


The WMI Provider host is an important part of the Windows operating system. It can allow you to manage the daily tasks on your computer, including rebooting and starting processes. Additionally, WMI supports remoting, querying, and event creation. The WMI Provider is a highly useful service, especially for people managing large numbers of Windows devices. There are several other reasons for this process, but these are just the most common ones.