What is the Use of Discord Spoiler Tag



You may be wondering what the use of the Spoiler Discord tag is. So, let us tell you. Discord helps you to decorate and beautify your messages with the help of various emojis, gifs, and other images. It also has other markdown formatting features which make it possible to get more creative with your messages.

You can also use Spoiler tags to let the receiver know that you are about to pass on information that he/she is not prepared for. After adding the tag, the content will have a black or grey box over it.

Creating a Spoiler tag in Discord

Creating a discord Spoiler tag can be done by following the steps given below. It blocks out content which the writer may choose to enter.

Mark as Spoiler

  1. The first step is to enter your message in the chatbox of Discord.

  2. Double-click on the text to highlight it.

  3. You will see a small pop-up window; it has an eye icon in it. Click on the icon.

  4. Confirm now that the text you have entered has two vertical bars.

  5. Click on enter on the computer. This step will send your message with a Spoiler tag.

Using Markdown

  1. Write two vertical bars (shift+Back Slash) before the text.

  2. Enter your text. You do not need to add any space between the text you have entered and the bars.

  3. Close your message with two vertical bars at the end.

  4. Tap on entering on your keyboard to send the message along with the spoiler tag.

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