Skin Tags on Dogs: How to Identify and Treat Them

People care a lot for their pet animals and therefore, it is very important to keep up-to-date with all the problems that your dog or pet can face and make sure that your pet is healthy. 

There can be instances where you may have noticed a small skin growth on the skin of your dog. You may have been caressing them and came across a small lump or bump that was not there earlier. You might not know but this could be a skin tag. 

Now, skin tags on dogs are not very common but they are also not rare. These skin tags are generally small growths on the skin of your pet but this can cause some big problems for your pet so, read the further and get to know more about these tags. 

Is it Possible for Dogs to get Skin Tags?

If you are thinking can dogs get skin tags then, let me tell you that yes, like humans dogs can also develop skin tags as a part of their ageing process. Normally, these tags are not too serious and do not require too much concern but, it is also recommended that you should rule out serious skin masses and issues so that, your dog can be relieved of the pain. 

What can you do After you see a Skin Tag on your Dog?

If you see any skin tag on the skin of your dog that has not gone down after some days then, we suggest that you should visit a veterinarian so that you can rule out dog skin tag cancer and other diseases that can cause you issues in the long run. Vets usually recognise the origin and the cause of these skin tags but sometimes, they get your dog tested for other problems and in these cases, it is recommended that you follow the advice of your Veterinarian.