How to Know If Someone Blocked your number?

People are usually blocked on different social media applications but, this does not mean that you cannot be blocked on your mobile phone. This means that there is a possibility that you can be blocked by someone else on their phone be it Android or iPhone. In this guide, we are going to tell you how can you tell if someone blocked you? There are some simple signs and indicators that will tell you whether you have been blocked or not. 

How can you Check if Someone has blocked your Number?

There are some factors and indicators that you can use when you are thinking how do I know if someone blocked my number? You can easily read them and then decide whether you are blocked or not. 

Unusual Message when you Call Them

The first indicator is that there is no specific blocked contact message and hence3, people often get unusual messages when they try to call a person that has blocked them. You may hear that the number is unavailable or it is out of service every time you try to call. 

Number of Rings

Another thing that you need to listen to is the number of rings that come. If you hear only one ring or no ring then, there is a high chance that the contact has blocked you can you can’t connect to them. 

No Response to Messages

If you are thinking if someone blocked me will they still get my texts? Then, let me tell you that no, the other person will not receive any message from you and you will also get no response in return. 

All of these factors will tell you whether you have been blocked by someone or not. If you have more questions regarding the same then, you can look up information on the website Worldzo.

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