Why Are Comments not Showing on YouTube

Why Are Comments Not Showing On YouTube?

YouTube Comments not loading? Well, don’t worry we have a solution. YouTube is a popular online video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, watch, comment, and rate videos. YouTube users have encountered an issue; the comments on the videos they’re watching are not being displayed. Some of them see the loading symbol that continues to load for a long. It’s pretty weird, right? Because most people love to read comments and then watch the video, the comments help determine whether the given advice works or not.

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With a few simple steps, you can turn them all back on but there are few things you NEED to know first. I'll walk you through every step so that you can get your YouTube channel and all of your comments back up.

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Play another Video to see if you are able to see YouTube comments or not
  3. Reload YouTube
  4. Go Incognito
  5. Clear all Cache and Cookies from the browser
  6. Clear the YouTube App Cache and Data
  7. Disable Ad Blockers
  8. Reset the Browser