How to Check if Someone Else is Using your Gmail Account?

If you are worried if someone is using your Gmail account then does not worry there are ways to find out if someone is using your Gmail account or not so let us begin with the same. There are some ways to spot if someone has been accessing your account suspiciously so we will look at those pointers.

How to see if someone is using your Gmail account suspiciously – 

  • If you receive authentication codes on texts, emails or even device notifications then this is possible that someone tried to sign in into my Google account
  • If you see that the sent email folder of your mail consist of emails which you have never sent then it means that someone else has already got the password of your account. 
  • If the details of your account like your contact details or your other details are changed then it is possible that someone else has changed it and accessed your account. 
  • If you have stopped receiving emails then also it is possible. 
  • If your friends tell you that they have received suspicious mails from you then also Gmail someone has your password
  • Even if you are using correct username and password then also you are not able to login into your account of Gmail then it means that someone has find Gmail account details of yours and has changed it also so that you cannot access it and is now using your Gmail account for bad intentions.