Top 6 Ways to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working in iPhone

Is your iPhone screen rotation not working properly? 

The phone auto rotation feature provides more convenience when watching movies, reading books, and seeing your memories in photos. Switching from portrait to landscape mode is natural in any smartphone. But sometimes it does not follow the orientation rule.  

No need to worry, this article will give you full assistance.

How to Fix the Problem of iPhone Auto rotation?

 Here we will give you 6  steps to overcome this problem.

Turn off your iPhone Screen rotation lock

Make sure your iPhone screen rotation lock feature is enabled on your phone. If your auto screen rotation button is off then it will not rotate automatically. Sometimes users get embarrassed by not checking the button properly. Swipe down to the top right corner of the screen to bring the control center, A message will appear that is “Portrait Orientation Lock: Off”

Now check whether your phone screen auto rotates working or not. If not, then go to the next step.

Check Auto rotation on another App

If the screen rotation button is turned on but still not working on that app, check it to another app. This is because some apps are designed to run only in portrait mode or in landscape mode.  If it is still not working in any other app also,  then move to another way.

Reboot your phone

Apps on iPhones get stuck sometimes that preventing the screen from auto rotation. In this case, switch off your phone & restart it. Now open the app again. Still not functioning?

Disable Display Zoom

Sometimes Display Zoom may be responsible for screen rotation not working on iPhone.  This feature makes icons & texts large to improve readability. This may prevent screen rotation on your iPhone. 

 For Disabling display zoom go to Setting >Accessibility> Zoom - standard mode.

Once you change settings your iPhone orientation may start working. 

Reset all the settings of your phone

If you have tried all the above methods, but still phone orientation not working. Reset all the settings of your phone. For this go to Setting > General>Reset > Erase all contents & settings.

Repair the IOS system to resolve the problem

When you have tried all the above methods but still the orientation of your phone not working. It may be then a hardware problem. The sensor accelerometer that controls the auto rotation of the iPhone may be damaged. In this case, you can contact the apple store or visit the apple store near you for resolving the problem.


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