Calls Going Straight to Voicemail on iPhone : How to Fix?

If your iPhone calls going straight to voicemail then this might be pretty troublesome for you as if your calls keeps on going to the voicemail then this might let you miss your important calls. 

Ways to Fix Calls Directly going to Voicemail on iPhone- 

  1. Disabling Airplane Mode 

If you were travelling or were in airplane then it is possible that you might have turned on the airplane mode on your device and forgot to turn it off. To turn it off you need to move to settings and then press on airplane mode and then turn the toggle to off position. 

  1. Making Sure that Cellular data is Enabled 

  1. Checking the do not Disturb Mode 

In many cases the problem of calls moving to voicemail might be because of iphone is set on the do not disturb mode, so you go to check it and turn it off. 

  • First move to the settings button and then move ahead to focus button. 

  • Under focus you need to hit on do not disturb and then move to the toggle of the same. 

  • You got to turn the toggle to OFF position so that you can fix the problem which you are dealing with. 

  1. Turning off Silence Unknown Callers 

The users can also try to turn off the option of silence unknown callers so that the users can receive the calls directly on your device and issue of ‘why are my calls going straight to voicemail iPhone’ could be fixed as well.