Why is Spotify not Working? These Quick fixes Usually Work

Spotify is the largest music platform which is available on the internet for users and it has over 350 million users who use Spotify. But there are many users who are not able to use Spotify and are facing issues with it. 

There are people wondering why is Spotify not working and for users we have prepared this blog so that the users can fix this issue. So, let us see the ways that the users can use to fix this issue. 

Ways to fix Spotify not Working for the Users – 

Restarting the Device users are Using 

The users first need to hold down the power button on their device and then they need to press the restart button which is there on the screen. 

The users now need to confirm the restart and then they need to open Spotify and then they can play any song to podcast they want to check if Spotify is working or not. 

Updating the Spotify app

The users can try to update the Spotify app which the users can use to fix "is Spotify not working" as the update will fix the minor glitches and minor bugs which the users are facing. 

Clearing Cache files of Spotify

Spotify not working on data can be fixed by the users by clearing the cache files of Spotify so that they can get rid of bugs of Spotify. The users can do so by going to settings and then to the apps option. 

The users now need to click on Spotify and then they need to press on storage button and then they need to tap on clear cache

The users can look at the Worldzo website which will provide the users with all the information they will need regarding Spotify and issues which are related to it so that the users can use this information.